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  • The 40000th JAC GALLOP Rolled Off the Production Line

    2016-12-26 09:53:00  Author:  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com: At 8:30 a.m of December 19, a colorful GALLOP K3 was rolled off the production line in JAC heavy truck assembly plant, which was a new milestone of JAC heavy-duty CV company. The exciting moment announced the birth of the 40,000th heavy truck in 2016, and the annual output of heavy-duty CV company has exceeded 40,000 units for the first time.


    The 40000th JAC GALLOP Rolled Off the Production Line

    The rolled-off of the 40000th GALLOP in 2016 is not only the new height of JAC heavy commercial vehicle production data, but also shows the comprehensive strength of management, scale, research and development, marketing and other aspects. It marks that GALLOP has achieved excellent results in stages through the efforts, as well as a qualitative leap in the overall strength.

    JAC GALLOP heavy truck brand was established in 2002, after fully absorbing the advanced technology of modern heavy trucks, combined with China's road and operation condition and adhering to the business philosophy of "integration of global resources to made the world truck", JAC has researched and developed including five product series of traction, delivery, construction, special vehicles and LNG. The power covered 130-480 horsepower with a complete product-level architecture, which can fully meet a variety of road conditions and all-round users’ needs.


    The 40000th JAC GALLOP Rolled Off the Production Line

    In 2008, GALLOP officially moved to the new heavy truck base, then JAC heavy commercial vehicle company was formally established in July 2012. In 2016, heavy truck Fuyang base was completed and put into production. Heavy truck industry has made breakthrough progress, the production and sales increased year by year.

    From a view point of market, The good performance that GALLOP made in this year is the result of multiple positive factors. First of all, the implementation of GB15879 and new policy of overload governance make the total weight of 6×2 tractor decreased from 55 ton to 46 ton, 3 ton less than the weight of 6×4 tractor, thus losing the economic advantage. Policy factors promote a large number of users to replace the 6×2 tractor of 6×4. Secondly, overload governance led to the decline of many trucks load capacity, and the road capacity shortage led to the freight rates generally rose 10-30%, attracting a lot of heavy truck users to replace or purchase new trucks to meet the shortage. Thirdly, the inventory replenishment and capacity constraint of the coal market in the fourth quarter, coupled with the “double eleven” electronic commerce express surge demands in delivery capacity, all these multiple factors make “1 +1 +1>3” effect on the overall market.



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