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  • Aumark Awarded 2017 China's CV Annual Innovation Truck

    2016-12-23 09:48:00  Author:  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com: On December 19, 2017 China Annual CV Selection Award was held in Beijing. After the professional tests of brake, fuel consumption, safe and control, the new platform Aumark S3 super truck with its European standards of scientific and technological innovation content and innovative design concept from the European high-end light truck beat the others, and was awarded "2017 China's CV Annual Innovation Model" , which became the only high-end medium and light truck won this award. 


    Aumark Awarded 2017 China's CV Annual Innovation Truck

    European science and technology innovation content and smart quality extension has become the lasting power of new platform Aumark S3 super truck to maintain technological innovation. The S3 super truck has contained that Foton Aumark has the accurate insight in China's high-end technology of the light truck upgrade .


    Aumark Awarded 2017 China's CV Annual Innovation Truck

    FOTON joined hands with Cummins, ZF, Continental and other global truck technology giants to establish the "Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance" in Greece. As an important part of FOTON Super Truck, Aumark link with the smart technology of the alliance members, converge European technology content and integrate the world's leading high-end light truck technology, at the same time, integrate the resources of National Super Truck R & D Center, New Energy Automotive Engineering Test Center, Euro-6 Emission Key Laboratory, Intelligent Logistics Large Data Center and Super Truck Digital Factory to set up production, manufacturing, research and development in one to build the scientific and technological innovation platform.


    Aumark Awarded 2017 China's CV Annual Innovation Truck

    In addition, Aumark S3 super truck provides Internet intelligent logistics integration solutions for users to meet the modern logistics development needs through the link of the world's leading technology and "Intelligent + connect" product characteristics in the Internet era. Aumark will meet the high quality and high value-added logistics users’ upgrade needs with high-end products, and continue to promote China's high-end light truck industry innovation development.


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