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  • TRAGO Continued to be Crown as Champion for Trucks Energy Conservation Competition

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    www.chinatrucks.com: On December 1, The 9th International Energy Conservation Competition for Trucks went up the curtain in Beijing. CHMC TRAGO heavy truck showed itself outstanding fuel saving performance in the competition, and finally won the fuel-saving champion of tractor group. CHMC TRAGO has stayed on the champion position for another term to show its leading fuel-saving technology to the society.

    The twice champions show TRAGO true fuel saving strength to the outside world. Early in the “Infinite Possibility” TRAGO Energy Conservation Challenge, TRAGO refreshed the users and industry’s awareness of heavy truck fuel consumption with excellent performance of 12.37L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. TRAGO has a great deal of black fuel saving technology and is in a leading position in fuel saving technique. TRAGO is matched with the third generation highly sophisticated diesel engine, the max power can reach 520hp and the max torque is up to 2502 N/M, the equipped 12.7L EUI Electronic controlled pump nozzle technology can achieve maximum fuel injection pressure of 2500bar, the domestic unique ECO-COLL intelligent sliding technology can transform the driving inertia to kinetic energy at the utmost to save the energy of 3% efficiently.


    TRAGO Continued to be a Champion for Trucks Energy Conservation Competition

    TRAGO also uses the intelligent dual power work mode and intelligent work mode technology to achieve the free transformation of output torque between full torque and 90% torque. Domestic unique electronic fan clutch technology can make the engine running under the best temperature of 82℃, which can effectively prolong the service life of the engine and improve the fuel economy of 3% to 5%. Unique intelligent vehicle management system can monitor fuel consumption and other information at any time. The independent air conditioner of continuous 8 hours working time can cool the driving cab without the engine start.


    TRAGO Continued to be a Champion for Trucks Energy Conservation Competition

    The road to fuel saving is limitless. In the future, CHMC will continue to listen to consumers’ real voice and keep constant explore, to enhance their products with technology and provide more fuel-saving and higher efficiency products for consumers, and make their phases of development step into a new level.


    TRAGO Continued to be a Champion for Trucks Energy Conservation Competition



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