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  • CHMC ZEDO 300M Test Driving Conference Held in Sichuan

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    www.chinatrucks.com: On November 8, Sichuan HYUNDAI held ZEDO 300M press test driving conference. ZEDO 300M won the identity of the press with core advantages.

    Sichuan HYUNDAI staff introduced ZEDO 300M deeply to the customers. ZEDO 300M is the self-development light truck of HYUNDAI medium-end products, which uses advanced production line and national mature power with better performance and price, and the other performance also had good performance.


    HYUNDAI CHMC 300M Test Driving Conference Held in Sichuan

    “Stable control and strong power” was the press gave higher evaluation to CHMC ZEDO 300M during the driving test. The 300M with high power engine of Cummins, ISUZU, YUNNEI and Yuchai power cover 115-142hp. Compared with the same level products, the power is stronger, the fuel consumption is lower and the control is more stable.


    HYUNDAI CHMC 300M Test Driving Conference Held in Sichuan

    CHMC ZEDO 300M has the interface designed around the driver to operate more easily. The headrest height of the seat and the backrest angle can be adjusted, a variety of dashboard, high performance audio and superior performance of the cold and warm air conditioning system are the standard configuration, 12V power interface improves the convenience of the electronic instruments connection.


    HYUNDAI CHMC 300M Test Driving Conference Held in Sichuan

    During the test, the reliable brake system also satisfied the customers. CHMC ZEDO 300M has ABS to ensure the safety; it increase the diameter and width of the brake drum, strengthen the braking efficiency and braking stability. Front axle OPT makes the brake more effective, that to enhance the braking efficiency, the truck uses a dual circuit protection valve, and has an integrated one-way valve function.


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