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  • Beiben Starts to Reform & Adjusting and Transformation

    2016-03-09 09:10:36  Author:  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com: The year of 2016 is the important period of transformation development and the starting of the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” for Beiben Heavy-duty Group Co., Ltd. of China North Industries Group Corporation. Beiben, leading by the economic working conference of central government, the 2016 working conference spirit of China North Industries Group Corporation, rigidly set up overall thinking and strategic thinking, it not only made good preparation for facing the test in the mind but also has confidence to overcome the challenge. It seeks opportunities from difficulties, starts its feet on the path of adjusting and transformation development with great efforts.

    Facing new situation, Beiben held 2016 working conference and The Fourth Staff Representatives Congress of The First Session on February, 3th and March, 3th. It aims at carrying out the leading spirit of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the task of the economic working conference of central government and the working conference of China North Industries Group Corporation. Besides, it also targeted at the operation reforming and poverty relieving in the beginning of “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” according to the requirements of strategic transformation, poverty relieving, the target during the position and the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” with the efforts of all its staffs.

    Beiben will continues to fasten its pace on structure adjusting and strategic transformation, determines to achieve its responsibility of reliving poverty according to the new tasks and new requirements in 2016. It will focus its attention on products structure adjusting and the improvement of scientific research ability, the development in markets including military products, international trade and civilian products according to the new market target and product target. Beiben will also make great efforts to lower the debt and “two gold”, prevent and control the operation risks, strengthen the basic management, lower the running cost and improve the effectiveness, deepen the reform comprehensively and activate the energy.

    Meanwhile, Beiben will grasp the Party Building, and combat corruption and build a clean government. At the same time, it will transform the advantages of ideological and political work of Party Building into the political advantages promoting the reform and adjusting. It must make use of the propaganda and leading to create internal aggressive atmosphere, draw positive energy, obtain development in complex conditions, make innovations in severe test, won the victory of poverty relieving by reforming and running & development, and starts its pace on the path of creating heavy-duty trucks industry melting military and civilian style.

    After the setting of the developing target in the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” in 2016, all of the leaders and workers of Beiben will make great efforts with their determination and their enthusiasm and expectations of the development of Beiben heavy-duty trucks, as written in Ploughing in Spring wrote by Yin Jiaxu, the board chairman of Beiben. They will comprehensively carry out all value chain systematic delicate managing strategies to fasten the reform and adjusting, achieve the strategic transformation, fasten the construction of melting of military and civilian style, the development of domestic and international trading, the heavy-duty truck enterprise having its own characteristics with the biggest enthusiasm and the strongest will, united thought and firm determination. They will draw the blueprint of the development of Beiben with their wisdom and perspiration.


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