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  • Trago Brand New Urban Slag Truck:Set the High-value Example for Heavy-duty Truck Industry

    2016-02-24 08:58:47  Author:  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com: The “brand new Trago urban slag truck 6X4”which is manufactured by  Sichuan Hyundai started sold in end market recently. This marked that the brand new Trago slag truck was put into market officially. This Sichuan Hyundai Trago slag truck has several pioneering advantages including energy-saving and high-efficiency, intelligent and environmental friendly, comfortable and safe, etc.. It is the real brand new heavy-duty truck which is suitable for urban slag transportation.

    Sichuan Hyundai Trago heavy-duty truck was originated from Korea. It has integrated the advanced technologies of high-end heavy-duty trucks by absorbing the strong brand advantages of Hyundai. Sichuan Hyundai has been involved itself in meeting heavy-duty truck users’ demand of advanced technologies and high quality, and has been continuously making efforts to improve the reliability, economical performance, durability of heavy-duty trucks. Sichaun Hyundai Trago researched the likes of users, and made improvement and innovations in trucks to clear the shortcomings of slag trucks. It wants to set the high-value example for the heavy-duty truck industry. This one just put into market was brand new urban slag truck was manufactured by leading of this idea.

    It is said that Sichuan Hyundai Trago slag truck is designed with flat-roof cockpit. The top of the cockpit is equipped with black sun-shield which can provide good sight for drivers at the same time of shielding sun lights. The  reflecting mirrors on both sides are designed with integrated style. The right half of the cockpit is equipped with considerate front ground-lighting mirror and side ground-lighting mirror, which, to great extent, reduces the dead zones of the driver. The design of shock-resistant and foot board makes the truck more sturdy and its practicability higher. The family-style front-face and bar air-inlet grilles in large scale makes the truck more fashionable. The cockpit is mainly painted with dark gray with calm atmosphere. The main driving seat is vibration-reduction one which is comfortable and safe. The rear of the cockpit is equipped with a small couchette on which the driver can rest. The specially-designed four-spoke steering board and speed-controlled cruise controlling function, as well as driving recorder, etc. makes the Trago slag truck full of technology style.

    High Efficiency Pioneer:Energy-saving & Environmental Protection and Strong Power
    The slag trucks has been regarded as the main source of urban dust. And slag trucks has been criticized for spillover and overloading, etc.. Trago slag truck is designed by brand new sealing manner which can prevent the dust and spillover, guarantee the environmental sanitation and road safety in cities. Trago also made innovation in the loading capacity to which customers pay most attention. The U-shape bucket has great loading capacity with complete discharging. It not only reduce its own weight but also enhanced the utility rate of loading capacity. It killed two birds with one stone.


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