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  • Yuchai Group Makes Great Contribution To Environment Protection In 2015

    2015-12-07 13:32:18  Author:  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com: Yuchai Group is always determined to be the controller of the biggest moving pollution resource with the deteriorating of air pollution in China. Yuchai Group made great contribution to the reduction of air pollution in 2015.


    Displacement improvement has been made to over 8,800 buses which are equipped with diesel engine with National Ⅳ and National ⅤEmission Standards in Beijing. It is estimated that the discharge of oxynitride is reduced by 2,800,000 KG in Beijing every year after this improvement.

    Yuchai Group rolled out several engine series which meet the T3 emission standards. Its gas engine driven by new energy including clean energy and combined energy, etc. to keep its words about protecting environment according to the national displacement regulations.

    Yuchai Group made great achievements in the bid of Beijing Bus Group every year. Yuchai engine which meets National Ⅲ, National Ⅳ, National ⅤEmission Standards and gas engine are applied on buses in Beijing on large scale .

    The development of new energy engine including natural gas, combined energy and electricity is an effective measure of adjusting single energy structure, relieving the contradiction between supply and demand of energy and improving the environment.

    The second generation plug-in hybrid system of Yuchai is energy saving, environmental-friendly with great power. It can meet the demand of saving energy and protecting environment while saving fuel over 40%. The maximum power of the driving motor can reach 100 Kilowatt, which far surpasses the maximum power of 65 Kilowatt of the other two competiting companies. The second generation plug-in hybrid system of Yuchai can win higher subsidy for users according to the new subsidy methods for new-energy vehicles which will be carried out. The Yuchai Group’s advanced technology which seems invisible can bring greater benefit for truck manufacturers and bus users.

    Yuchai Group rolled out electric driving system and achieved integrated smart energy management in the electric fuel industry. Its motor can be applied to different models from 6 meters to 12 meters and mainly used on electric bus, electric state-financed vehicles and electric vehicles for special purpose, etc.. It has four motors and three power ranges in total. Users can choose suitable models according to their own requirements. Moreover, the electric accessories of this system has the function of smart energy-saving controlling. The energy consumption of single electric accessory is reduced by about 60%.


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