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  • Baohua Logistics Partners with Volvo Truck to Introduce Its Fuelwatch Competition in Zhenjiang

    2012-06-21 09:07:28  Author:Mika  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small
    www.chinatrucks.com: Zhenjiang Baohua Logistics Co. Ltd., which specializes in dangerous goods transportation, is working hand in hand with Volvo Trucks, the world’s leading heavy-weight truck manufacturer, to host the Baohua Fuelwatch Competition in Zhenjiang. The contest’s standards, procedures and measurements are in compliance with the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition. A dedicated technical team of trainers, judges and technicians was assigned by Volvo Trucks to support the Baohua Fuelwatch Competition. Volvo Trucks also hosted a safe and fuel-saving driving training session during the Baohua’s competition to help them strengthen the consciousness and skills of safe driving. 


    In addtion to competing the level of fuel-saving, The Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition includes written and road test of proper practical operations. The sophisticated measurements will help improve enterprises’ integrated management capability and methods.  The Volvo Trucks fleet management system, Dynafleet, records driving behaviors of the entire trip, analyzes them using software, and discovers and corrects improper driving behavior. On routine transportation routes, Volvo Trucks will assign trainers to provide hands-on guidance when necessary.  

    When asked why Baohua Logistics has decided to organize an exclusive Baohua Fuelwatch Competition, Mr. Tong Caibao, Chairman of the Board of Baohua Logistics, said: “Baohua Logistics focuses on specialized and scaled development and have maintained high standards since the establishment of the company. This is why we purchased 100 Volvo Trucks early on. Our clients care very much about safety and environment protection, and so does Volvo Trucks. We have asked our drivers to participate in the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition, and they have achieved good results in the Eastern semifinals. However, due to scheduling and to the number of participants allowed to compete, not all of Baohua’s drivers are able to enter.  One idea came up my mind - why not host the competition ourselves? That way, our drivers would all have the opportunity to improve their driving skills and the company’s management would advance accordingly.”

    “We hope to organize a similar company-wide competition regularly and to send skilled drivers to compete in the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition. We very much appreciate Volvo Trucks for their full support in ensuring that the Baohua Fuelwatch Competition is a competition of high standards.”  He added. 

    Mr. Eric Labat, President of Volvo Trucks China, said: “We strongly support our customers’ activities. Through actions such as inviting their drivers to join the Fuelwatch Competition and supporting customers’ internal events, they are helping to promote sustainability within companies. Being a corporate social citizen, Volvo Trucks has been persisting in core values of Safety, Quality, and Care for the Environment. We are committed to facilitating Chinese logistics companies and the industry’s transformation and upgrade, helping companies improve operational capability and profitability. ”


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