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    • China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (SINOTRUK)

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      As the largest dealer of Chinese heavy truck, relying on the local advantage, SINOTRUK integrated various resources, and established the extensive and close cooperation relationship with dozen of domestic well-known heavy duty truck manufacturers and the refitting factories, such as Sinotruk Group, Shandong Zhongji, Taian Lufeng, Jining Dongyue, Liaocheng Xunli, Qingdao Zhongji and Zhu Madian Huajun etc.; its sales achievement has been in the stable front rank in consecutive years among group branches, with annual sales of more than 3,000 vehicles.

      Sinotruk HOKA

      Sinotruk HOKA

      Management Model

      Currently, on the promise of expanding the domestic market share continuously, SINOTRUK vigorously develops the overseas market and pays a close attention to China’s foreign aid programs, exported engineering vehicles to the large state-owned enterprise such as Sinohydro Bureau 13 Co., Ltd and Dongying Shengli Oilfield etc. successively; meanwhile, the company actively develops the end-customers groups, exported hundreds of heavy duty trucks to dozens of countries such as Ghana, Angola, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, and accumulated rich experience in exportation. Company will take “standardization, management, development and win-win” as the guideline, establish perfect rules and regulations and a scientific and efficient incentive mechanism, service for the most middle and end users in all aspects, to make a greater contribution to the development of China heavy duty truck industry.

      Sinotruk Golden Prince Dumper

      Sinotruk Golden Prince Dumper

      Company Background

      Times Tiancheng Auto Sales Group Co., Ltd. is registered approved by the state administration for industry and commerce; it is an independent registered company which combining entire vehicle sales, spare parts supply, vehicle maintenance, vehicle refitting and supporting service as integration. Since established in 2001, Times Tiancheng Auto Sales Group Co., Ltd has obtained the first class brand agency for Sinotruk and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck in succession, and won the first in annual sales of Sinotruk and Shanxi Heavy Duty Truck.for 4 consecutive years. In 2007, annual sales have exceeded 20,000, with annual sales of 4.6 billion RMB.

      Management Features

      Group Company has a sound domestic marketing network, and made investment and set up 19 heavy duty trucks branches in 12 regions around China, and formed a stable business cooperation relationship with a great majority of dealers and system large users; meanwhile, the company also actively explored overseas markets, set up branch companies and offices in Vietnam, Sudan, Ukraine, and Angola successively. The export sale has a trend of progressive increasing per year. Times Tiancheng Group has gradually become the largest mainstream distributor among the domestic heavy duty trucks.


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