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    • Jingyi Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.

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      With the R&D and manufacture of automobile refrigeration equipment and auto parts as the core, Guangzhou Jingyi is a mediumsized group harmoniously developing in ulti-industry.

      Jingyi group has a large scale manufacturing base of bus and coach air couditioncr which covers 150000 squarc meters and with total investment for 320 millon RMB and fixed asset reaches 200 millom RMB.

      Jingyi testing center

      Jingyi testing center

      Jingyi Group has 11 divisions, including auto A/C,A/C parts, Auto A/C compressor. Auto Eddy-current retarder, Auto electric, Macromolecule material,Guangzhou section, management, operation, finance&investment and human resource.

      Guangzhou Jingyi group leadingly gains the production license of refrigerating equipment and becomes the leading steersman in vehicle refrigeration industry and quality guarantee. With a great deal of top-taleted specialists, Jingyi group technical center is the biggest and single provincial technical center in this industry.

      Jingyi Group product test center is of top grade in china. The only one in the field for vehicle cooling equipment approved by national test center, it features wide test range, high accuracy and top integration etc.

      Jingyi Group is the manly drafting unit of vehicle A/C by national standard,regularly taking part in drafting and exchanging of the industrial standard of passenger vehicle and public transportation.

      Jingyi Group is a leading and mainstream supplier of bus air conditioner at home and abroad.

      KINGBQ A/C parts successfully get into the purchasing system o# more than ten well-know enterprises just within one year, such as JAC Group, Jinghua Ncoplan .Etc.

      KINGB0 truck refrigeration unit with mature technology and elegant outliine , is a new cconomic point of Jingyi group.

      Through many years' adjustment and development, Jingyi group set a steady base of material and human reserve,the strategy of multi-industry, collectivization and internationalization is being put forward duratively and rapidly.


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